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Captain John Paul Cimina

I started thinking-what are the things that I like and what do I wanna do after college? And the Marine Corps embodied a lot of those things: public service, discipline, leadership, being physically fit, being smart-all those things. And there's a tremendous amount of pride being of that group.

Marine Corps offers the opportunity to better yourself and to excel as an individual. But the mission is accomplished as a team.

There's a tremendous sense of responsibility and of humility that comes with being a Marine Officer and being a leader of Marines. The Marines that I work with are trained to get the job done no matter what. It is my job as a Marine Officer to ensure that what they are doing accomplishes the mission.

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I think the Marine Corps gives people, above all else, a sense of pride that few people have ever experienced in their lives. You ask my mom what she does and she says, "I'm an art teacher." You ask my dad what he does and he says, "I'm a salesman." That's what they do. I fly aircraft and it's phenomenal, but at the end of the day I'm a Marine.