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Second Lieutenant Joseph Evans

I sought a commission in the United States Marine Corps because I, I wanted to be a leader, and I wanted to lead young Marines. And I also wanted to make a positive impression upon those young Marines. Uh, you know, whether it was, uh, helping them improve their lives, helping them get a college education. So I just wanted to be that positive influence and be able to lead them in combat. Being a United States Marine Corps Officer is the best way to do that.

The biggest benefit that anyone serving in the United States Marine Corps will have is leadership. Being able to lead in tough situations.

When I finally made it into OCS and the United States Marine Corps, I was relieved. I didn't think that I'd actually be able to make it. Once I was there and I met other guys that were in the same situation as me, uh, we all come from different backgrounds; we all had the same similar values; and so I knew that it was worth it, going through all those challenges to be there with those guys. And there's going to be plenty of days there where you're tired of being cold, whether it's as a Marine or going through OCS or TBS, and you're hungry, you haven't slept for almost, you know, 24 plus hours. You just have to remember why you're doing it. And, you know, we're all doing it so we can help lead, you know, our junior Marines.

You're not going through it by yourself. You're there, you know, with your squad, and you're helping to, you know, get each other through it. It was a pretty rough time but I loved it.