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Marine Corps Vehicles

Petronzio: From ship to shore, from inland to objective, we'll take the Marine infantry wherever they need to go. We'll cover them wherever they need to go. And that's what we do.

Hintt: This behind me, it's a 6 by MRAP. It holds seven in the back, two in the front, and you can also put a gun up in the turret.

Macea: These vehicles make a significant impact on the Marines in country; the ability for them to go over certain terrain, the heavy armor that's put on it. If things happen, they're still okay.

Horrocks: The vehicle behind you, that's a MATV. It's part of the MRAP family, which stands for Mind Resistant Ambush Protected. They're very important. They bring speed, mobility and firepower to the fight. They can go a lot of places that other armored vehicles, track vehicles like tanks and stuff like that can't go.

Belcher: An LAV25, which is what we ride on, it has a 25mm main gun on it, a Bushmaster chain gun. It shoots up to 200 rounds a minute. We have two different types of rounds that we shoot, armor piercing and high explosive rounds.

Taylor: The tank is the tip of the spear. We keep the tanks running and keep them up in the front of the fight.

LaCour: It's an M1A1 main battle tank. The tank has one main gun, which is a 120 mm round. It also has a 50 cal machine gun, as well as a coaxial machine gun, which is also another 50 cal. It's gonna take a lot to stop it.

Rader: The ABV's are out here as a breaching device, a breaching vehicle to reduce a anti-tank ditch or a obstacle berm so that follow on forces can get through and complete the mission.

Petronizio: The AAV is a proven vehicle. What an AAV does is it enables the MEU and the United States to project its power forward, no matter what the obstacles. We can take a beach under enemy fire, we can move 10,000 pounds of equipment per vehicle, humanitarian supplies, to a shore that might otherwise be unreachable.

Minden: We've got trams which is a big front end loader. We've got the MCT, Medium Crawler Tractor, that's a bulldozer. We're also using MTL's, which is a Multi Terrain Loader.

Huang: This right here is by far one of my favorite pieces in the Marine Corps. It's called the Kalmar. It's used mostly for material handling or lifting iso containers.

Ramirez: This is my wrecker. It's an AMK 36. It's used for towing all types of vehicles. This truck can do it all basically. It will roll around with the mechanic everywhere we go, so we can fix trucks, tow trucks and whatever needs to get done we can get done.

Schwindt: This is the LVSR. The thing that's unique about this vehicle is the engine is on the back of it and not the front. These joysticks right here allow me to take this flat rack right here and put it flat on the ground so that other Marines can unload it without having to use any other equipment.

Rader: The less Marines on the ground the better. So as long as we can do it with a vehicle, keeping those Marines protected behind armor is much safer for the Marines and let the vehicle do its job.