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Officer Candidates School: Leadership

The goal of Officer Candidates School is to screen Officer Candidates for potential as Marine Corps Officers.

[Marine 2]:
It doesn't matter what job you have, what rank you are, we place a premium on leadership. From the private that graduates from boot camp to the four-star general; that's our core competency and that's what we develop here at Officer Candidates School.

[Marine 3]:
My primary duties here are to train, screen and evaluate the leadership potential for future officers of the United States Marine Corps on how to act, how to conduct themselves as officers, and how to lead Marines, the ability to make quick, rapid decisions in a time-compressed environment under pressure.

[Marine 4]:
Are they able to think? Are they able to decide? To make decisions on their own? Are they able to get the company from point A to point B? Are they able to communicate?

If they can communicate well, they can effectively pass information in order to accomplish a mission.

[Marine 6]:
The motto here at Officer Candidates School is "ductus exemplo," which is Latin for "lead by example."

[Marine 7]:
We want them to be able to lead from the front, and we try to instill that from day number one.

[Marine 8]:
From the moment they get here, they see their platoon commanders demonstrating by example and that's how we train them.

[Marine 9]:
You can't ask your men to do something that you're not willing to do yourself.

[Marine 10]:
They have to have integrity. They have to be able to do the right things when nobody is looking and just conduct themselves as professionals at all times.

Well, we evaluate them for several areas: decision making, leader subordinates, communication and overall leadership capabilities.

We teach them how to be good followers here but we jump-start them very quickly to be leaders and that's the difference.

[Marine 13]:
The training here is more individualized and it's a lot more on the candidate's initiative to get the mission accomplished.

[Marine 14]:
Here we put them in positions, we put them in scenarios where they have to take charge, where they have to lead.

And we're gonna take care of them and we're gonna give them the leadership skills they need to be successful in life.

[Marine 16]:
I wanted the opportunity to lead and I wanted to lead the best, so I chose the Marines.

[Marine 17]:
We are taking the books and putting them to the side and we're gonna discuss leadership.

[Marine 18]:
OCS will help these candidates get the basic understanding of what leadership is.

[Marine 17]:
Now, you're in that position where you have to make the ultimate decision.

[Marine 19]:
To be a leader you've got to be humble and you've got to treat each and every person with respect no matter what rank they are.

[Marine 4]:
I believe there's no better leadership training than here at OCS. The things that we teach them here-how to be physically fit, how to be confident, how to set a good command presence, how to lead by example, the Honor, Courage, Commitment. Nobody else in the world teaches them how we teach them here.