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BYRON OWEN:  I think that courage exists in many forms. Everyone's very familiar with courage on the battlefield but I think that moral courage you exhibit at home or in your life is just as important.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Capt. Byron Owen.

BYRON OWEN:My name is Byron Owen. I'm a captain in the United States Marine Corps. Currently serving as an O307 reconnaissance officer.

JAMES OWEN: Byron showed--

ON SCREEN TEXT: James Owen, Father.

JAMES OWEN: --a lot of courage when he was really little. They called him el torito, which means Spanish for "little bull."

MIRIAM RODRIGUEZ OWEN: Byron was a protector because he-- he protect his country. You know--

ON SCREEN TEXT: Miriam Rodriguez Owen, Mother.

MIRIAM RODRIGUEZ OWEN: --his fellow Marines and the fellow man.

JAMES OWEN: He got the silver star from-- a particular battle where he had 30 men and they were pinned down by-- I think it was about 250 Taliban. And he basically drove in-- with his Humvee to draw the fire from small groups of Marines that were pinned down.

BYRON OWEN: I think that in moments of great chaos that someone has to remains sane. And I think that in certain situations that I've experienced I have done things that-- people might consider courageous. But I think that given that same set of circumstances any Marine would do the same.

ON SCREEN TEXT: Marines. The Few. The Proud.