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Establishing Order

LCpl Bishop: The devastation of the earthquake was incredible. Buildings were collapsed; there were people everywhere in panic.

LCpl Pockeisyapor: Lot of people missing. Total destruction, you know, just overall disaster.

Cpl Biro: Most people think to run away and hide when there're buildings falling. It's pretty amazing when you can turn and look and you can see a large group of Marines running towards a building that's falling down to see if there's anything they can do to help.

SSgt Chavez: These are the things the Marine Corps do, you know? And a lot of Marines have the same feeling; we want to help everybody.

Cpl Biro: As soon as we got there, we made it known that we were there to help, but we were going to maintain order and discipline the entire time that we did it.

LCpl Allen: Even handing out food isn't just as simple as handing out food. You'd have over 2,000 Haitians there. They'd try to fight each other—try to fight you.

Cpl Biro: By the time we left, you could see the organization side of it drastically change. How they were coming in lines, not pushing, not arguing, not rioting.

SSgt Chavez: Some of them lost everything they had. They lost loved ones and they didn't have a place to live or they didn't have something to eat, so seeing us providing the support they needed was very comforting to them.