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Female Engagement Teams

Marine: You're expanding horizons. You're learning about other cultures. You're crossing boundaries that you never thought you would.

Marine: It's imperative that we get the female Marines out there to go and interact with these women because the women are not allowed outside the compounds and are not allowed that freedom of movement, so we must go to them.

Marine: So we sit down and just talk like you're meeting a new friend. And that's what you want to establish, a rapport and the trust and confidence that they trust you.

Marine: We went to one compound and there were just a few women there. The next thing you know we see women starting to peek over the walls in the other compounds, and then they're climbing over the walls and before you knew it, there were 20 women surrounding us.

Marine: We know their basic medical needs, but we're finding out other basic needs that they require that they couldn't, you know, voice before to the male marines.

Marine: We want to empower the people and give them future outlooks, give them motivation that there's a way better for them.