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Roles in the Corps: Aviation Maintenance Officer

[Capt Glass]:
My MOS is a Aviation Maintenance Officer. As far as training, you go to Whiting Field, which is near Pensacola, Florida, and go through a two-month course and then you'll end up going to a unit. I was sent here, up to Cherry Point and went over to MALS, the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron. Which once I got to the MALS, I was there for approximately two months before they sent me down to Prowler squadron to be the Maintenance Material Control Officer to have my first billet in Maintenance Officer capacity. Which once I got to the Prowler squadron, I ended up deploying with them and got to do a tour with them out in Iraq.

Now, I'm the Assistant Aviation and Maintenance Officer over at the Harrier training squadron. We have a maintenance admin department. I'm their division officer; I'm [the] officer directly in charge of them. They give me an update on what's going on in the shop. Anything they need from me, any type of issues also with the Marines in the shop.

Kinda a unique thing about the Marine Corps is most jobs are nine-to-five and then after that, you're off. Whereas you're a Marine 24/7 and we have to account for 24/7 so we make sure that any type of help they need, they're getting 'em. That's really one of the larger parts of leading Marines, is making sure that they're being taken care of in that manner.