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Roles in the Corps: Ground Supply Officer

[Capt Sargent]:
I'm a 30-02 and that is a Supply and Procurement Officer. We work closely with the logistics field whereas we procure a lot of the equipment and armor vehicles that the Marines utilize today. Could deal with food, could deal with water, could deal with ammunition, body armor-there's just, there's no real limit to what the Supply Officer does.

In 2005 I was a part of the joint task force mission sent to relieve the country of Indonesia during their disaster in the tsunami. Our mission was to basically go in and provide relief efforts, support, food, water and shelter for the people of Indonesia.

As a Supply Officer, I received approval through the joint task force commander. What his requirements were, first thing, first and foremost, was shelter for the Marines who were to arrive on the Singaporean base there. Provide contracts for vehicle support, crane support, anything that was needed pier-side or on their air base at the time to help to alleviate any issues that we would have after arriving and then pushing out to Indonesia. Everything needed to be ready for a 4,000 Marine JTF. So, they drop you in a place, you don't know anybody, there's multiple languages that are spoken in that area, you don't know where to start but you've got to find a place to start and you just make it happen.

Making the decisions was just myself through that entire time. I was there for three months. So, basically my commander let me know what he needed and after that there was no one I needed to go through. It was just, again, the things that the Marine Corps builds up in you and the amount of responsibility that they give to you when you are commissioned are immeasurable. They give you the mission and how you complete the mission is basically on you.