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Roles in the Corps: Logistics Officer

[1stLt Zachary White]:
The nice thing about being a Logistics Officer is there's a broad range of things that one can do. I've had, in the four years I've been in the Marine Corps, I've had a couple different jobs. The first job I had was a landing support platoon commander, and that's the job I had when I went to Iraq the first time.

I'm a Transportation Support Officer. I have a transportation detachment. The large share of what I do deals with transportation. Moving stuff around the battlefield, whether it's resupply or bringing people to different places, delivering troops somewhere or if it's delivering some other capability. I might be, you know, taking engineers somewhere else so they can get on the ground and repair a road. So, what I do deals a lot with transportation and it's very-it's the large support part of logistics.

My prime mover is what's called the MTVR, medium tactical vehicle replacement. It's a big seven-ton truck. We have Humvees, all kinds of radio systems, machine guns. We use quite a few different machine guns in our daily execution of our mission.

In the Marine Corps there are regulations for everything. One of my jobs as an officer is to make sure that those regulations are followed. [Background Noise] We do pre-combat checks and inspections. We make sure that the trucks have all the equipment they're supposed to have and that's everything from mechanical checks to make sure they have air in the tires and, you know, the seat belts work; things like that. We make sure that Marines have all the gear they're supposed to have. There's equipment requirements, like they have to wear their flak jacket and their helmet; things like that. We make sure that the gear is configured the way it's supposed to be.