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Roles in the Corps: Military Police Officer

[1stLt Whitesell]:
As a Military Police Officer, I do garrison law enforcement and typically I enforce the rules, regulations and laws, both federal and state, and the Marine Corps orders regarding behavior and conduct here on this military installation at Camp Pendleton.

My day-to-day duties involve really two sides. One is being a platoon commander for approximately 60 Marines and the other is using those 60 Marines to accomplish a mission of providing safety and security to the installation here at Camp Pendleton.

If I'm gonna dedicate my life to something, I wanted something significant and important. And I found the Marine Corps to be the most important thing I could find. If I had to talk to someone who wanted to join the Marine Corps and specifically focus on military police operations, I would say that they would want to be very sure that they would like to do both the field side of the house and deploy, go to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and to do the missions that are needed there, as well as stay on base and to provide safety and security in the garrison environment.