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Roles in the Corps: Supply

Ramage: My name is Corporal Ramage. I'm a COV 24 and my MOS is 3051, Supply Clerk. We're able to work with anything that the mission has at hand. Like if we need large blocks, if we need helicopter parts, if we need truck parts, if we need uniform issues, if we need food or any miscellaneous gear that anyone would need, the Supply Marines are able to get it. Supply MOSs can be distributed anywhere throughout the Marine Corps. If any certain section doesn't get their gear, that actually breaks down and compromises our mission. So we are mission-essential. Each Marine is specifically tasked with certain duties that we have to do in our shop. I'm a Personal Effects Clerk for the battalion and a HAZMAT NCO. My shop only has about 17 Marines and that's including our gunny and lieutenant, so we're actually a very, very small percentage, but we have such a large task. One of the best ways to be individually ready is be ready as a unit and as a team. So as an NCO, I look towards my fellow NCOs and senior NCOs to work together. That way as a unit we're better, individually we're better, and all around as a MEU we're better. Just being in the Marine Corps alone has been such a great experience. It is pretty demanding, but the job needs to get done and we're able to do it. Everything you're doing is for a good reason.