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Pierce: I put all my Marines before myself in everything that I do. If they're not eating, I'm not eating. I'm going to eat last, and I expect my Marines to take care of their Marines to the left and right of them as well as they take care of themselves. That's a key part of being a Marine and being effective in combat.

Morataya: Being able to sacrifice anything to make sure that that Marine is well taken care of.

White: Being a drill instructor, we sacrifice to be sure that they are given the best training available and possible to become a basically trained Marine.

Seagrace: I think that oftentimes we think about ourselves too much, and if we all just took a little time to get out and help each other, I think the world would be a better place.

Wease: I will give of myself whatever time I can to help my kids, the other kids in the community, to become better people.

Akers: I really think it's important that we give back to the community in which we serve. I go to the Humane Society every Sunday, and I basically just take all the adoptable dogs and get them out. We also help socialize so they become more adoptable.

Kuhn: Whether you're in the Marine Corps for four years, 20 years, 35 years, whatever it is, the unselfishness that it breeds in you from day one absolutely will stick with you.