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The Fight Against Al-Shabaab

The Fight Against al-Shabaab

"We can send small teams of Marines and know we're making a big impact with our partners." —LtCol Gerard Wynn, USMC

Super: East Africa 2012

Super: Political chaos in the region leads to a rise in terrorism and warlords.

Super: Al-Shabaab, the African arm of Al-Qaeda, gains power in the war-torn region.

Super: Al-Shabaab's brutal public attacks and suicide bombings instill fear in the region.

Super: The Uganda People's Defense Force (UPDF) works diligently to stabilize the region.

Super: Marines from Marine Air Ground Task Force 12 are called to train the UPDF.

SSgt Billy Epperson, USMC: Combat engineers allow for the infantry to move through the battlefield.

Sgt Joseph Bergeron, USMC: Their mission is to boil cache at the end of their route, but they could face IEDs or several other obstacles.

Super: Combat engineers train Ugandans to defend against Al-Shabaab attacks.

Cpl Bryan Minter, USMC: Make sure you have control.

Ugandan Soldier: I have control.

Cpl Bryan Minter: OK, give the commands.

Super: The threats the UPDF must learn to face down are as varied as they are deadly.

Sgt Luke Parker, USMC: We have protection from RPGs, direct fire weapons, recoil rifles, AKs, snipers.

Super: Marines continue to train and support forces throughout Eastern Africa in hope of a brighter future.

Ugandan Soldier: I've at least achieved a lot from the American Marines as far as my job as a soldier is concerned.

Announcer VO: Whether called to fight or help others, Marines remain ready to face down any threat at any time.