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Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

Hurricane Sandy

Super: Seeing communities come together and help each other is motivation for us." —Col Matthew G. St. Clair, USMC

Super: October 2012

Super: While the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit conducts employment training near Camp Lejeune, NC, a powerful hurricane brews in the heart of the Atlantic.

Super: They call her Hurricane Sandy. She becomes the largest Atlantic hurricane on record.

Reporter: Here in New York, the largest transit system in the world is closed.

Reporter: The governor has ordered a mandatory evacuation.

Governor Chris Christie: If you're still able to hear me, you need to get out.

On October 30, Sandy slams into New Jersey and New York.

Reporter: A storm surge of up to 11 feet. Look at these waves coming through.

Man: Many here expected that there would be flooding and loss of power, but then this fire just erupted.

Man: We don't know where they're going to take us. We don't know.

Super: The 26th MEU cuts its training short and heads north.

SgtMaj Micheal P. Barrett: Ok, we don't have a whole lot of time. Be proud of who you're a part of. Do great deeds and like I say, endure. Ok?

Woman: First thing I did was wash my American flag, put it back up, and we will survive.

Marine: Work with the sanitation department helping people move debris out of their houses. Does that make sense? Make it happen.

Super: The Corps provides much-needed organization and manpower.

Man: We've been red tagged. We lost everything. The house in front of us landed on our house and it's gone. Because the Marines are here, there is a definitive way to deal with everything. Boom, it's pumped out. Next stage, third stage, fourth stage. It's really been amazing.

Woman: Walking around there were Marines; they'd come in and they'd say, "How can we help you? Do you need stuff out of your house?"

Marine: Take care of yourself, sir.

Man: Thank you.

Marine. You're welcome.

Man: I have nothing to say; you guys are great. I had no idea you guys were even coming.

Man: We're just so grateful. God bless you. Thank you.

Super: Marines work tirelessly for over 10 days to help fellow Americans in a time of need.

Man: Seeing this guy here, your anxiety level just comes down a whole bunch, you know?

Announcer VO: When disaster strikes at home or abroad, United States Marines remain vigilant, always ready to serve.

Woman: We always had the utmost respect and admiration, and this just seals it.