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Pakistan Flood Relief

Pakistan Flood Relief

"We have a versatile force we will use to alleviate suffering of the citizens affected by this disaster." —Col Mark J. Desens, USMC

Super: Pakistan 2010

Super: The worst monsoon season in 80 years floods an area larger than the state of Florida.

LtCol Todd Oneto, USMC: The road infrastructure that runs alongside the river, it's all just gone. 

Super: Millions of Pakistanis are trapped by floodwaters and in need of food, water and medicine. 

Reporter: People in these villages have been marooned for sometimes up to three weeks. 

Super: Marines in the 15th and 26th Marine Expeditionary Units respond to the needs of the ravaged country. 

Reporter: You can really understand why they're so desperate. 

Super: They work together with the Pakistani Army to distribute over 4 million pounds of aid. 

LtCol Todd Oneto, USMC: When you see the look on their face: mother, father, running to the aircraft holding their children in their arms. This is a mission that will change your life. 

Super: U.S. forces rescue over 39,000 Pakistanis. 

Announcer VO: The Few will always stand ready to help those in need.