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Week 4: Pugil Sticks

Okay, hold them up, hold the sticks up. Let me see your mouthpiece, let me see your mouthpiece. How much do you weigh?


How much do you weigh?

180 Sir.

Okay scream.


Step behind the line.

Stay low …

(sfx: whistle, impacts, grunts, whistle)

Good job, come through with a straight thrust. If you miss, you follow it with …

Aye, sir.

Okay, scream loud!

Aye, sir!

Let's go.

Just like that!

Aye, sir!

Just like that!

Aye, sir!

Straight thrust!

Aye, sir!

That hesitation killed you. Let's go, sergeant, let's go, let's go, let's go.

Red with a beat down on black.

Swing those sticks!

(sfx: whistle, impacts, whistle)

You got smoked because you didn't follow instruction.

Aye, sir!