Defining Moments

These are the moments that have defined our years, changed our Corps,
and paved the way for future generations of Marines.

Female Engagement Teams

In 2009, Marines made history with the development of its Female Engagement Team (FET) program. Trained to gather intelligence, and perform community outreach with women and children, these Marines showed that an outstretched hand is often the strongest weapon against terror.

MARPAT Camouflage

The Marine Corps combat utility uniform must be functional and durable, all while protecting the warriors who depend on its scientifically designed camouflage. More than a decade after the Corps released its revolutionary uniforms, other branches of the U.S. Military have followed suit.

Montford Point Marines

The Montford Point Marines fought two wars, one abroad and one at home. While they fought for freedom overseas, they returned home to a nation that was separate and unequal. Breaking through racial barriers, they transformed the face of the Marine Corps.


Dating back to as early as World War I, Marines have relied on Scout Sniper teams to stealthily enter enemy territory, gather intelligence and acquire targets through long-range precision fire. Over nearly a century of experience, the Corps has established sniping techniques now used by militaries around the world.


From 2009 to 2012, Female Engagement Teams served on the front lines, right alongside their male peers. Their important mission helped usher a new era of democracy to Afghanistan.

Specifically engineered to confuse infrared and night vision imaging, the Marine Pattern (MARPAT) battle dress uniforms also have a special coating to protect Marines from insect-borne illness.

Explore the Montford Point Marines' unquestionable dedication to their country—and their Corps. And see how courage and honor drove an entire generation of Marines to strive for equality.

For nearly a century, the Corps has relied on Scout Snipers' long-range marksmanship and reconnaissance-gathering skill sets as an invaluable asset in winning our nation's battles.

Female Engagement Teams

The warriors of FETs bridged cultural gaps, gathered intelligence and built trust with Afghan women male Marines traditionally couldn't. FETs successfully completed their mission in late 2012.

MARPAT Camouflage

In 2000, the Corps set out to redefine the combat uniform from the ground up. The Corps' digital camouflage continues to win awards for its versatile concealment properties in a wide range of environments around the globe.

Montford Point

Over 20,000 Montford Point Marines loyally served our nation in the face of prejudice and discrimination, participating in many of the most important battles of the Pacific, Korea and Vietnam. These Marines made history. And paved the way for generations to come.


While Scout Snipers push the limits of the Corps doctrine of ‘Every Marine A Rifleman,' snipers use their unique skill sets primarily to gather intelligence about the enemy and the battlefield terrain.