Facing Our Challenges

In the face of any battle, Marines display determination, courage and the will to overcome.

Marines are defined by their response to challenges both on and off the battlefield. And at the core, it’s their fighting spirit that allows them to improvise, adapt and overcome the challenges they’re faced with every day.


When twin brothers Captain Mika’il and Salahudin Ali were confronted with academic obstacles in college, they were forced to make a difficult life decision — fight or be defeated. They chose to fight. These challenges would motivate the pair to join the Marine Corps and fight their battles together.


Now, as Judge Advocate officers in the Marine Corps, Captain Mika’il and Salahudin Ali fight and win our nation’s battles. They’ve overcome personal obstacles by embodying the fighting spirit Marines are known for. Both are driven by the challenges they face — and defined by the battles they win.

“I wasn't the strongest student, but I think no matter what, I always kept trying. Every time I got knocked down, I kept trying, kept trying, kept trying, and that's why I'm here. That's why I'm a lawyer, that's why I'm a Marine. I know how to overcome failures.”

—Captain Mika’il Ali

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