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Pham on Discipline

Pham: I'd say, self-discipline's the-- the biggest driving force as a leader. My name is First Lieutenant David Pham. My mother's a refugee from Vietnam. She's probably the hardest working woman I've ever known. But-- she's just super humble about it. And she wasn't there all the time to make sure I was doing the right thing 'cause she just had to work so much.

So, on my own I had to find that self-discipline to wake up, go to school-- go to football practice. I believe that helped me a lot throughout the Marine Corps. Having that self-discipline to look good in front of your guys. You always have a clean uniform, your boots are always looking good, and you're always setting the example. Everything we do is so precise and so perfected.

It's that-- that sharpness, that discipline, that-- that drive that-- that you see takes countless hours of training to do, to perfect, and-- and to look good in formation. And when that translates to combat, you're basically gonna move on-- on instinct and what you trained to do. And that's what people respect about the Marine Corps.