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Roles in the Corps: Communications

Mobley: My name is Robert Mobley. My rank is Corporal. I'm an 0621, Radio Operator. A radio operator's job is typically to make sure that we're able to communicate back to battalion, being able to spread out amongst other companies and still be able to relay traffic. Communications is so important for the simple fact that anything can happen at any time, helps us to figure out what's going on in the area if we're not around. It helps us to get backup, help us to get Marines that are wounded out as fast as possible. Communication plays a big role in any military and it plays a big role in the Marine Corps. We work with everybody, whether it's the coalition forces where you're working with Iraqis. It gets you right there 24/7, whether it's dropping rounds downfield or it's communicating getting backup. Whatever it may be, communications is all around. The jobs in communications, you have one. My job is a field radio operator. You have techs. They take every gear that belongs in comm and fix it, build it if it breaks down. You have data which is anything over a computer. As you advance to NCO and further up, there's different roles as in the field radio operator. And as you come up to corporal, sergeant, and above, you start taking more of the responsibility of issuing out gear, making sure that the younger Marines get a chance to experience the same thing you did. The most rewarding moment for me was we were in Iraq and I went on my first foot patrol throughout the city. Just knowing that we were in a hostile environment, in that mindset you change. Now, not only am I worried about myself, but me being a radio operator, I had to worry about other NCOs that were out on this patrol with me and how fast am I going to get the job done when the stuff starts hitting the fan. So if anything were to go down at that moment, I'm ready to call back up, I'm ready to get help in, whatever it may be. You're not just challenged one time. You're challenged every day. Your heart, blood, sweat, and tears, everything is put in. Being able to lead Marines, take charge, the responsibility is just overwhelming and being able to be a leader, it's a great feeling to be able to be called a Marine.