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Captain Tyler Spring

My name is Capt Tyler Spring United States Marine Corps. I've known Capt Meese since Okinawa, Japan. The primary mission that we were employed together on was Operation Tomodachi, which is a response to the earthquake and tsunami and the resulting nuclear disaster in mainly Japan. She was able to take a whole aircraft herself with the crew who was relying on her and her decision making and conduct those operations into some unknown areas. Brought a whole lot of Marines and equipment up there to help clear the paths, clear the roads, try to get things back online as far as electricity and generators. We also brought consumables as far as blankets, water to the distribution points. Capt Meese- had a positive impact on the people to the left and the right in the Marines as far as who should serve with our peers and subordinates. She definitely dedicated, very dedicated, mentally tough. She can handle a lot of pressure, a lot of stress; physically, mentally and then operationally.