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Counselman: They tell you the day, first day you start, once a Marine always a Marine, and they mean it.

Swanson: The camaraderie and the brotherhood that's built naturally through the Marine Corps is something that's untouched anywhere I've ever seen.

Donahue: The Marine Corps leads you to trust one another, and that trust builds loyalty. Once you establish that connection with one another, in combat or peacetime or through basic training, you never forget the individuals that displayed those traits.

Chantaca: Guys who made friends in World War II, ‘til their deathbed, they were best friends, and it's the same thing in the Marine Corps now.

Harrell: Loyalty for me is not only being loyal to your country, your Corps, your unit and the Marines in your unit; it's being loyal to yourself.

Whang: Even though I'm no longer an active-duty Marine, knowing that my former colleagues are still sacrificing a great deal, putting themselves at risk, it's important for me to show that loyalty and supporting their efforts as much as I can.

Faul: The recon paddle is a tradition among reconnaissance units that I think dates back actually to World War II. When members of a reconnaissance unit will leave and finish their tour and move on, the other members of that Marine's unit will come together to build them a paddle. It wasn't just about the six years that I served, it's about how it changed me forever, the transformative experience it was. For me, for the rest of my life, I'll always be a Marine. It will be a part of me that always really cherishes the experience that I had.