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Many Roles. One Mission.

FEMALE: My MOS is an 0431. I'm a Logistics Embarkation Specialist.

MALE: 0317 Scout Sniper.

MALE: I'm an 0341. That's a Mortarman.

FEMALE: 4341, which is a Combat Correspondent.

MALE: My MOS is 0331, Machine Gunner.

MALE: 0311, Infantry Rifleman.

ROBBINS: A lot of people look at the Marine Corps and think we're all riflemen, which is true. Every Marine is a rifleman. But everybody in the Marine Corps has a different job. We have our riflemen, which are our Infantry guys, but then we have various other MOSs, which are Military Occupational Specialties, the different jobs you can have in the Marine Corps.

MALE: KC130, Loadmaster.

MALE: I'm a Marine Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technician.

FEMALE: Combat Camera Chief.

MALE: A C-130 Technician.

MALE: I'm a Heavy Equipment Mechanic.

FEMALE: I'm a Crew Chief on the V-22 Osprey.

MALE: Field Radio Operator.

FEMALE: 0481, Landing Support Specialist.

MALE: 1345, Engineer Equipment Operator.

MALE: CBRN Specialist. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear.

MALE: Tank System Mechanic.

LONG: The Marine Corps has a wide variety of jobs. They range from Administration to Supply, Military Police, Public Affairs.

ROBBINS: We have reporters; we have legal service Marines; we have radio operators, computer technicians…

H. SMITH: …and we have an inherent command and control structure to make sure all of those pieces and parts work together as a whole.

J. SMITH: Nowhere else are you going to have that wide a variety of people that are all going to be able to work together, look out for each other, support each other and make each other successful.