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Marine Corps Benefits

[Marine 1]:
By becoming a Marine Corps Officer, you are becoming part of a very small, elite force.

Whether you're looking for a challenge, whether just wanna be able to say at the end of the day, "I did something that no one else could," or if you're looking to continue your education, the Marine Corps is gonna help you discover something deep down inside you that you never knew existed; you just needed that shove to help you get it, that push out the door.

The camaraderie was the first thing that I saw. Just the fact that you were a Marine meant that you were a brother. Nothing else had to be said other than, "I'm a Marine" and then there was instantly a bond between those people.

[Marine 4]:
It's a lot of the intangibles; the discipline, the focus, the drive, the motivation.

[Officer Candidate1]:
I believe becoming a Marine Corps Officer will help me in every aspect of my life.

[Marine 6]:
It's different than anything else, it's an opportunity for them to serve, to answer a higher calling.

[Marine 7]:
I think that there's no person on the planet that wouldn't benefit from the experience in some way.

[Marine 8]:
Every year there is the possibility of something new that's offered in front of you and if taken, you don't necessarily know what the results may be but there is an expectation that there's gonna be something exciting.

[Marine 9]:
It is absolutely an adventure.

We can provide them what they're looking for: leadership, challenge, professional development, looking to do something above and beyond what they ever felt was possible.

[Marine 10]:
Certain characteristics of successful people tend to be those who are decisive, can make decisions, work well under stress, those that can lead others and I knew that if I could become a Marine Officer then I could become successful in just about any other aspect of my life.

[Marine 8]:
If it's service, if it's the opportunity, the immediate opportunity for leadership, opportunity to be challenged and for you to develop skill sets that you can use the rest of the days of your life, then the Marine Corps, perhaps, is the opportunity you wanna look at.

[Marine 11]:
The travel and the adventure-you know-that sounds like a recruiting poster right there, but it really is a great part of being a Marine, being able to get out and gain life experiences.

[Marine 8]:
The opportunity to work at the Pentagon or to go the White House or to go to London or any country, all of those opportunities were great.

[Marine 7]:
There are educational benefits available even while you're aboard ship, deployed in foreign areas. You can still be taking classes and gaining credits in whatever area you're interested in.

[Marine 12]:
So much integrity and honor that comes along with becoming and being a Marine Officer that I would just desire with all my heart.

[Marine 10]:
As I applied for business school and found myself attending classes, I quickly realized that my time in the Marine Corps, particularly my time as a Marine Officer, really enabled me to stand out in certain ways. I found myself always able to analyze information very quickly and be able to make decisions much more quickly than some of my peers.

[Marine 13]:
If you're looking for that challenge as well as the satisfaction of doing something for your country, for your family and even for yourself, the Marine Corps is the place to do it.

[Marine 8]:
Just being a Marine is far more precious than any ribbon or badge or medal that I could get.