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Roles in the Corps: Motor Transport

Perez: My name in Corporal Jonathan Perez, United States Marine Corps, Alpha Company, 19 Tanks. My job is a 3531 Motor Vehicle Operator. What I do is I bring supplies out to the field, whether it be chow, water, ammunition, or fuel, I get it out to the Marines in order to get the mission accomplished. Back home, I always used to work on trucks and I always had a knack for motor vehicles. On a daily basis I make sure my 7-ton is at the utmost readiness which means checking the POLs to make sure all the fluids are good, making sure it's ready to go out on a minute's notice to go get the mission completed. When I'm not working on my truck, I'm training inside a tank because that's the unit I'm attached with right now. The Marines are the tip of the spear. We're at the highest level of readiness. We're ready to go out on a minute's notice. If we're told to pack up and go out, we're going to pack up and go out with speed and intensity, and we're going to be the first ones out there. The things that I do to prepare myself include physical exercise, classes, cross-training, getting my gear ready, getting my vehicle ready, making sure my Marines are taken care of, making sure their families are taken care of. My combat mindset makes me ready, whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq, I'm going to be ready and I'm going to do what I have to do. I joined the Marine Corps to do something different because I wanted a challenge. I wanted to challenge myself and I wanted to know for myself how far I could be pushed. You're not just coming to work and doing a job. It makes you feel like you have a purpose in what you're doing.