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Afghan Training

Marine: It's very important that we're here. We're helping to provide the security bubble for the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to establish itself, so that when we do withdraw, they can stand on their own.

Marine: These people care. They want something new; they want something different. They're sick of seeing the violence and the corruption within the police. They want change.

Major Vose: Our job is to go out there with the general-purpose force and give rudder guidance when necessary. Assess, evaluate, talk to their commanders, give them tips and pointers on tactics, techniques and procedures on things that they can do better and make all of us more successful.

Marine: We like training these guys because they're all out there serving with the Marines and all the other coalition forces. And the better training we do for them to make them better prepared to fight the enemy keeps our brothers alive.

Marine: They admire the Marines and they want to be like them, which helps out a lot. Now we're giving them a skill to where they can sustain themselves and it's more of a ‘train the trainer' mentality.

Major Vose: It was quite a progression to see them go from that crawl phase and the training and trying to teach them and integrate their own staff processes for their officers and staff level. It's a very unique job. You're actually out in the field and get to be hands on with the Afghanis and see what our training is doing, what our support is doing, and what they're doing for themselves. It's extremely rewarding.