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Roles in the Corps: Naval Flight Officer

[Capt Cimina]
I left The Basic School with an aviation contract and from The Basic School I went to Pensacola, Florida, and that's where I started flight training. My MOS is 7588, which is an Electronic Counter Measures Officer in the Prowler. The Prowler's mission is electronic warfare. So, what that means is we deny, degrade or delay the enemy's ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum, walkie-talkies, radars. And we can either listen to it, we can jam it or we can destroy it. And some missions do one of those things and some missions do all of them.

An NFO's job is to work with a pilot in order to accomplish the mission. My job in the Prowler is to operate the weapon system in the aircraft. I do all the navigating in the jet, I work the radios in the aircraft. We work a lot with Marines on the ground; we work a lot with special ops forces. And together, the pilot and I work to accomplish whatever mission we set out to do that day. And it's a great opportunity because everything that we accomplish in the Marine Corps we do together, we do as a unit. Marine Corps offers the opportunity to better yourself and to excel as an individual. But the mission is accomplished as a team. And that's how it works in the aircraft-just like how it works on the ground.