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Roles in the Corps: Tanks

King: My name is Sergeant King. My MOS is M1A1 Tank Crew. I'm a Tank Commander and also I'm Master Gunner. My day-to-day activities, my MOS is a lot of maintenance on the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank. We also do a lot of training for readiness, whether it's cherry(?) drills for loading or in the deployable advanced gunnery training system.

Male: Roger defend, defend, defend

Male: Range 1420.

Male: Driver, stop fire.

Male: _____.

Male: Bring her back down.

Male: Target.

Male: Target.

Male: Target cease fire. Driver stop.

King: As a sergeant of Marines, my responsibilities have lined(?) to more than just maintenance on a tank. I have to rely on the Marines that are on my crew. Each member has its own responsibility. Without any member, we cannot accomplish the mission at hand. One of the main things that we do as tankers is tank infantry integration. And what that does for us is gives us security to our tops, to our flanks, and to our rear. We rely on the infantry, infantry relies on us in urban and open terrain environments. As far as operations on the tank, I participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom-1. In 2003 I was a driver. I also participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom-2 Take(?) Two, November 2004 as a gunner in Fallujah and I went to Iraq also in 2006 as a tank commander. While being a driver, I was involved in everything, everything that happened with a tank involved me. As I advanced on, I progressed to the position of gunner. I was in charge of the overall maintenance of the tank, ensuring everything was in its correct position, the operation of the tank and pulling all triggers. When I first joined the Marine Corps I never thought one day that I would be in charge of $2.5 million worth of equipment and have 16-plus Marines under my charge and many people depending on me. To be a Marine you have to learn to be very flexible. You have to think on your feet and you have to be quick about it. When a situation is presented to you, you have to assess the situation and do what you need to do to accomplish the mission. The reasons I've chose to continue a career in the Marine Corps is because of the brotherhood, because of the people that I meet daily. I've seen young men grow from privates, PFCs, all the way up to the rank of sergeant. The Marine Corps has a thing about turning you into a leader and making you want to assume responsibilities. I couldn't see myself doing any other job than what I do now. It fulfills everything that I would like in life. I enjoy what I do.