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Marine Corps Benefits: Travel

SSGT TONDREL BIRGANS: Before I came to the Marine Corps, [I was in a] small town in Decatur, Alabama, probably never heard of and I never been anywhere, so since I been in the Marine Corps, I've had a lot of experiences, a lot of chances to travel, which made it worthwhile to me; it's another reason why I stuck around for so many years. I've been to various countries--like I said, I've been to Africa; did some humanitarian things there. I've been in Singapore. I've been to Hawaii a few times... Thailand... Japan... I spent a year in Japan, which is a great experience. [unintelligible] communications with [unintelligible] Battalion was real interesting; it was pretty fun. I also learned a lot about the Japanese culture, which was interesting to me.

SGT ANNETT CASTRO: My experience working here in Rome has been wonderful. I'm from Kino, California, and coming to Rome, Italy, it's a huge change. A lot of history here. A huge city. Lots of things to do and see. It's definitely an adventure every day.

LCPL ARIELLE ALTRICHTER: My name is Lance Corporal Altrichter. I'm with HMM-265 on [Fijima] Airbase and we're located in Okinawa, Japan. I requested to come to Okinawa, Japan. I wanted to go overseas--mostly because of the travel experience, meeting new people, the culture, the opportunities that it poses... That was a very big part of me joining the Marine Corps.

SGT JEREMY BESS: Some people live an entire life and they never see a place like this. They may go to college and study history and art, but actually being able to come out and see it firsthand is so far beyond anything you can learn in a classroom.