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Operation Moshtarak

"As America's crisis response force, we face down the threats of our time, anywhere in the world, at a moment's notice." —General Amos, Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Marjah, Afghanistan.

A key Taliban stronghold where intimidation and terror are used to control the population.

The production of opium helps finance the Taliban.

In an effort to liberate the city, the largest offensive of the war is initiated.

Marines drop leaflets warning the Taliban to surrender and encouraging civilians to temporarily vacate the city.

The offensive is well advertised to avoid civilian casualties.

13 February 2010. Operation Moshtarak begins.

"This is a date with destiny. For the rest of your careers, you will be known as Marjah Marines."

The city is a maze of wired explosive devices, mines and ambushes set by well-armed Taliban forces.

After a month of intense fighting, Marines drive out the Taliban.

Marines train local defense forces to improve security in their own neighborhoods and enforce a ban on poppy cultivation.

"When he starts shooting, he can move. Let's go"

The addition of Marine Female Engagement Teams builds trust and confidence with a segment of the population not accessible to male Marines.


The Afghan government reopens schools and markets.

"We've seen the future of Marjah, and I think the future of Marjah is very happy."

The operation in Marjah effectively ends the 2-year rule of the Taliban.

VO: Marines move toward the sounds of chaos with the courage and resolve to silence it.

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