Can my wife/husband live with me
I’m getting married soon and want to know if I join the Marine Corps will my wife be able to live with me?
Child Allowance
What's the allowance given when a Marine is expecting a child and when is it given?
Compensation During Delayed Entry Program (DEP)

Do Poolees in the Delayed Entry Prorgam (DEP) receive compensation?

Compensation During DEP
Do you receive pay while in Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program (DEP)?
Education & Benefits
What are the educational opportunities and benefits in the Marine Corps?
Health Insurance and Benefits
What health benefits does the Marine Corps offer?
Loan Repayment

Does the Marine Corps offer loan repayment or reimbursement?

Marine Corps Benefits
What benefits—such as health insurance, vacation time and education reimbursement—do enlisted Marines receive?
Marine Corps Salary

Where can I find information about a Marine Corps salary?


What scholarships are available to children of Marine Corps veterans?

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