Learn about Aircraft Maintenance roles in the Marine Corps.

The aviation occupational field is the 6000 field. The first two numbers designate the primary position of mechanic (60), helicopters (61), and fixed-wing aircraft (62). The aircraft maintenance occupational fields include direct and indirect support of the total airframes as well as power plant pack of all aircraft weapons systems. Education includes subjects such as fabrication, welding, hydraulics, jet propulsion theory, and additive manufacturing. Marines start as basic aircraft maintenance crew and then progress through hard skill occupations and can earn the qualification of enlisted crew chief or aerial observer aboard different aircraft.

Roles include:
IMRL Asset Manager
Aircraft Maintenance Administration Clerk
Flight Equipment Marine
Aircraft Airframe Merch-Structure
Aviation Maintenance Support Equipment
Cryogenics Equipment Operator
Helicopter Mechanic CH-46
Helicopter Mechanic CH-53
Helicopter Mechanic U/AH1
Helicopter Mechanic MV-22
Helicopter Dynamic Components Mechanic
Aircraft Mechanic Trainee
Aircraft Airframe Mechanic-Structure
Aviation Safety Equipment Mechanic