Oppressive regimes. Natural disasters. Constrained natural resources. There are many threats facing
our time. There is only one warrior class uniquely prepared to face them down: United States Marines.
From the way we are trained to the way we're organized and equipped, from our warrior mindset to our
warfighting skillset, Marines are warriors of the highest order.

Strategic Warrior

Before you wear this uniform, you will prove you belong in it. When facing crisis in troubled spots around the globe, it is the good judgment of our Marines that must prevail. Those who comprise our ranks will know how to interact with different cultures and customs. They will be able to take the right action at the right time without direct supervision. They will be willing to make decisions most aren't capable of.  This isn't a job for most—it's the charge of the Few.

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First to Fight

There is a reason why our gear is lightweight, our equipment is easy to move, and why our forces are forward deployed, even in peacetime. The reason is found in our hymn, our training and our ethos. Marines are First to Fight.

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At the heart of every Marine mission is the seamless integration of our combat arms, logistics and aviation assets under a central command. Only the Marine Corps possesses the combined arms capability known as a Marine Air-Ground Task Force, or MAGTF. As adept against modern armies as it is against insurgents not distinguished by uniforms, the MAGTF can undertake ship-to-shore and air-to-ground missions in every clime and place. A force that is flexible, maneuverable and adaptable, the MAGTF maintains the high state of operational readiness our nation expects and demands.

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To maintain the flexibility and mobility required to rapidly deploy whenever and wherever the nation calls, the Marine Corps cannot be weighed down with excessive gear, but every Marine is equipped with what is needed to carry the day. It is our middle-weight fighter model that makes the Marine Corps this nation's force of choice in crisis response situations. From our tilt-rotor aircraft to our amphibious assault vehicles, Marines are uniquely and ideally equipped to get to the conflict fast—and take control upon arrival.

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Serving close to home, in combat zones, and all points in between, it is the presence of our Marines that keeps our nation safe—and global threats at bay. We may be called The Few, but our Marines are deployed practically everywhere. Whether keeping our embassies secure, or keeping our nation safe and our citizens free, Marines are ready to respond to the threats of our time at a moment's notice.

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