The Marines who make up our Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) provide our Nation with a variety of response options, coordinating teams of ground, air, logistics, and cyberspace assets under a central command that is built to conduct a full range of operations. Due to the flexibility, scalability, maneuverability, and adaptability of the MAGTF’s organizational structure, Marines remain ready to fight battles around the world at a moment’s notice.



The Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) is the embodiment of the MAGTF at its most elemental level, a self-contained, forward-deployed response force. Embarked aboard amphibious assault ships, each MEU maintains a constant state of readiness, enabling Marine commanders to plan and launch a wide array of missions within six hours. Watch the video to learn more about the role Marines serve who are assigned to a MEU.

What is a MAGTF?


The organizational structure of the MAGTF provides our Nation with capabilities that are as distinct as they are decisive. In response to global conflicts and disasters, the MAGTF enables Marines to deliver rapid, powerful, and sustainable response on a global scale. Sea-to-shore, air-to-ground, door-to-door, there isn’t an organizational model more capable of quickly putting Marines where they need to be in order to fight and win for our country.


Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)

Forward deployed and often first to arrive at a crisis

2,200 Marines, smallest MAGTF unit

Extremely versatile, quick to respond

Composition: Battalion Landing Team; Composite Helicopter Squadron; Combat Logistics Batallion

Commanded by a Colonel

Supplied for 15 days


Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB)

Task organized for specific missions

4,000 - 16,000 Marines

Increased firepower and aviation assets

Composition: Regimental-size Ground Combat Element; Aircraft Group; Combat Logistics Regiment

Commanded by a Brigadier General

Supplied for 30 days


Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF)

Primary warfighting force for larger operations

46,000 - 90,000 Marines

Currently three active MEFs (CA, NC, Japan)

Composition: Marine Division; Marine Aircraft Wing; Marine Logistics Group

Commanded by a Lieutenant General

Supplied for 60 days




Marines have the amphibious capabilities to reach battlefields traditional forces cannot and have the equipment to operate without ports, airstrips, or significant infrastructure. It isn’t enough to get Marines ashore, however. Marines must have the firepower and resources to carry the day upon arrival. Within the structure of the MAGTF, Marines have the will, the determination, and the capability to deploy to battles around the world within six hours.

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