Marine Mindset



It takes something special to be a Marine, but where do these exceptional attributes exist? Are they in the body? In the mind? Or is it more likely that they’re found some place deep? It is the mindset of a Marine that stands apart. An uncommon willingness to fight and an unfaltering focus on winning. This mindset keeps the promise in our mandate. To be the force that is most ready when the Nation is least ready. To be prepared for anything by training for everything. To overcome every obstacle in front of us, with a fighting spirit that propels us.


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In the current and future battles we train for, it is in every Marine’s mindset to defeat the challenges, obstacles and adversaries that hinder our Nation’s progress. They are able to assess each situation quickly and make strategic decisions according to the facts at hand and conditions on the ground. They are able to think, act and move with a sense of purpose to carry out our Nation’s purpose.


Conditions can change quickly on the modern battlefield, and Marines must adapt to meet those conditions with decisive but appropriate action. No two battles are identical, and no Marine prepares for only one type of fight. A situation can deteriorate, a crowd can grow restless and a humanitarian operation can turn into a combat engagement—in an instant. Marines may be called on to provide relief in a combat zone, a show of force in a disaster area or reconnaissance during a rescue operation. Regardless of the battles, Marines have the mindset to carry out the will of our Nation and the defense of its ideals.





Wrongs in the world do not right themselves. Winning the battles we fight requires an ability to endure more than most and a determination that will not relent in the face of hardships and difficulty. If you have the mindset of a Marine, you can be an asset for our Nation, on any battlefield and against any challenge, obstacle or adversary.




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One doesn't consider an endeavor of this magnitude without having questions. Here are some of the most common.



General Requirements

One of the initial requirements to join the Marines is the ASVAB test, which determines a recruit's strengths and potential for success in military training.

Physical Requirements

Marines are regularly tested on physical fitness, with a focus on stamina and physical conditioning. Learn more about the Marine fitness tests, the PFT and CFT.

Why the Marine Corps?

The Marine Corps trains to improvise, adapt and overcome any obstacle in any situation. Learn more about why you should choose to serve as a Marine.