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EA-6B Prowler

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It is the ability of the EA-6B Prowler to neutralize enemy air defenses that enables Marines to gain the air superiority needed for mission success. Enemy air defenses rely on early warning radar to indicate an impending air strike. But to acquire a signal, they have to send a signal, and it is the electronic warfare equipment arming Marine Prowlers that illuminates these electronic footprints. The Marine Prowler's ability to detect, sort, classify, jam and destroy air defenses leaves the enemy with two options: leave the radar on, or turn it off. Either way, their defenses are reduced to expensive but useless metal.


Information isn't allowed to return to an enemy's radar because our EA-6Bs intercept it first, and the methods by which these signals can be exploited are numerous. Marine Prowlers are equipped with five tactical jamming pods, electronic surveillance systems, radar-seeking HARM missiles, non-kinetic fire systems that leave electronic equipment disabled but intact, and countermeasures that mask the approach of our nearby ground-attack aircraft.


Just a few of the enlisted roles include:

  • Aircraft Electronic Countermeasures Systems Technician, EA-6B
  • Fixed-wing Aircraft Safety Equipment Mechanic, EA-6
  • Aircraft Electrical Systems Technician, EA-6
  • Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Radar Systems Technician EA-6
  • Fixed-wing Aircraft Mechanic, EA-6

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