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Though every Marine is able to provide accurate fire with traditional iron sights, each is provided with the most advanced rifle optics available during combat. These laser targeting and illumination systems can be mounted to Marine M16s, M4s, M240Bs and M249s. They provide two different capabilities: when used with the naked eye, the visible laser can assist with aiming, and the floodlight on the PEQ-16A can assist in identifying targets in low-light situations. However, using these visible-light capabilities also mean that the enemy can see the source of the light—the Marine.  When a Marine pairs the system with a night-vision device such as the AN/PVS-14 monocular, he can switch to using the infrared targeting laser or the infrared illumination. With the ability to illuminate targets in low light and identify targets with advanced laser aiming technology, the AN/PEQ-15 and AN/PEQ-16A increase the capabilities of every Marine rifleman.