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From 500 yards, every Marine is accurate with a rifle. Attach the OKC-3S Bayonet, and the weapon becomes just as effective in close combat situations. Also a Marine's multi-purpose fighting knife, the OKC-3S is the weapon of choice when shots can't be fired. Every Marine receives bayonet training in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) and on the Bayonet Assault Course in Recruit Training.


  • Grooved, non-slip handle with steel guard and butt
  • Polyester elastomer sheath offers weight and noise reduction
  • Serrations at base of blade for utility knife purposes
  • Sharp tip capable of puncturing a ballistic vest
  • Ergonomic grip design helps prevent training-related, repetitive-strain injuries
  • Grip embossed with an Eagle, Globe and Anchor


Overall length: 13.25 inches
Blade length: 8 inches
Blade Material: Carbon steel
Weight: 1.25 pounds with sheath

  • 8" partially serrated blade
  • Non-reflective phosphate finish
  • Fielded in 2003