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Grenades represent a unique form of firepower because the only weapons needed to fire them are the throwing arms of each Marine. The M67 fragmentation grenade is the standard hand grenade in the Marine Corps, but there are many other grenades that provide Marines with numerous specific capabilities on the battlefield.


  • Designed to burst into numerous steel fragments when detonated
  • Produces casualties within 15 meters, and kills within 5 meters
  • Contains 6.5 ounces of high explosive in a steel sphere 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Can be thrown approximately 40 meters
  • Grenade pin is bent to protect from accidental removal
  • Fuse that ignites the explosive has a 4-5.5 second delay

grenade types

AN-M14 Hand Grenade – Incendiary grenade producing intense heat, ideal for destroying weapons caches and vehicles

Mk 141 Mod 0 Hand Grenade "flash bang" – A non-lethal diversionary stun grenade that temporarily disorients the enemy with intense light and noise

Smoke Grenade – Produces different smoke colors for different purposes, such as marking a target or screening troop movements

40mm grenade – For use in single- and multi-shot grenade launchers