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With less weight and a shorter barrel, the M4 Carbine rifle ensures the "Every Marine a Rifleman" credo is just as appropriate at shorter distances and in confined space as it is from 500 yards out. Whether moving town to town or room to room, Marines continue to exhibit exceptional marksmanship with the M4.


  • Ideal in close quarters, such as urban terrain
  • Shorter, telescopic stock
  • Uses a shorter M203 Grenade Launcher
  • Magazine fed
  • Fits comfortably with standard Marine body armor
  • Can be outfitted with night vision scope, suppressor, bayonet, bipods and flashlight


Ammunition: 5.56mm rounds (same as the M16)
Weight with 30-round magazine: 7.5 pounds (M16 weight is 8.79 pounds)
Length: 33 inches (M16 length is 39 5/8 inches)
Maximum effective range: 500 meters (550 meters for the M16)
Muzzle velocity: 2,970 feet per second (slightly slower than the M16)
Rate of fire (sustained): 12-15 rounds per minute (same as the M16)