Long ago, Marines earned and answered to the moniker, “First to Fight,” and this warfighting philosophy is still found both in our mindset and in our structure. It is the reason why our gear is lightweight, our equipment is easy to move, and our forces are forward deployed even in peacetime. The Marines who comprise our ranks are trained to fight within a comprehensive, combined arms unit and form the heart of our seamless integration of ground, logistics, and aviation assets under a central command.






Marine Air-Ground Task Force

In air, on ground, through logistics, and throughout Cyberspace, MAGTFs are specifically designed for swift deployment.

Weapons, Vehicles, Aircraft and Gear

Marines bring a fighting spirit to every battlefield—and more. Marines deploy far and wide specifically equipped to win our Nation’s battles.

Special Duties and Other Assignments

Battles come in many forms and occur on many different types of battlefields. These are some that require a special skillset.

Marine Corps Reserve

Ready to supplement the active-duty forces when needed, the Reserve is critical to the Nation’s ability to remain ready.

Marines Innovation

To ensure the Marine Corps can always be counted on to win our Nation’s battles, it must prepare for tomorrow’s battlefields.