Process to Become a Marine


Though it is by talking with a Marine Recruiter or Officer Selection Officer that you can find out if you are eligible to even attempt this most purposeful journey, it is only through the rigors of Marine Corps Recruit Training or Officer Candidates School that will determine if you’re capable of living it. Before you set down this most arduous but fulfilling path, find out what is required to count yourself among those who stand out in front—ready to fight and win our Nation's battles.






Delayed Entry Program

Those who earn our title and fight within our enlisted Marine ranks carry with them a collective, lifelong purpose. Find out how the Delayed Entry Program can help you mentally and physically prepare yourself for the rigors of Recruit Training.

Recruit Training

Progress in this country has never come from the sidelines. Each movement forward began with a single moment—perhaps this is yours. Find out what battles await at Marine Corps Recruit Training.

Process to Commission as a Marine Corps Officer

To stand out in front of Marines as a Marine Officer is to lead each battle on every front, to ensure both the welfare of those you fight alongside, and the success of our Nation against every challenge, obstacle, and adversary. These are the paths to such a commission.

Officer Candidates School

Before candidates earn their commission, they must be evaluated, screened, and sharpened to ensure they have the leadership ability, moral capacity, mental agility, and physical prowess our Nation demands of its Marine Officers. OCS is its training ground.