The battles Marines have fought and continue to win are legendary, but ours is a legacy that is earned not only on conventional battlefields, and not only by Marines in uniform. Active-duty Marines and Marine Veterans are constantly looking for ways to answer the calling they hear deep within, to step up for their country and communities—when needed most. These are just some of their stories our Nation counts as victories.

Battles Won: Sydney Barber

For Marine Option Midshipman Sydney Barber, serving as the U.S. Naval Academy's first black female brigade commander was a path forged by those who came before her.

Battles Won: Onur Yenigun

Every Marine's story is different. In this story of battles won, learn how one Marine doctor used his experience in the Corps on the front lines of COVID-19.


Marine stories are full of honor, commitment and integrity. Learn how one Marine earned the Navy and Marine Corps Medal with an act of heroism.

Battles Won: SSGT Billy Dixson

Staff Sgt. Billy Dixson, receives the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal for his heroic actions in Okinawa, Japan.

Corps Lore: Captain Ahmed Khalil

Marine Captain Ahmed Khalil has fought to serve his entire life, first as a translator in Iraq, and now as a U.S. Marine.

Community Victories: Jake Harriman

In this Marine story, hear from Jake Harriman, founder of Nuru International, a nonprofit dedicated to lifting vulnerable populations out of extreme poverty.

Community Victories: Jake Wood

Marine, Jake Wood, shares the story of Team Rubicon and the disaster relief efforts that stemmed from his Marine Corps training after the Haiti earthquake.