Once a Marine Always a Marine


Earning the title “Marine” has value that lasts a lifetime. From our first day serving, we have experienced life differently than most, as the trust our Nation places in us—lives in us. We live each day committed to a common cause that fulfills a collective sense of purpose and belonging that is shared by all who have earned the right to fight in this uniform. Imbued by a calling many have heard, but ingrained with a fighting spirit few possess, we are Marines. And with those we fight with by our side, we lead our Nation forward—while defending the ideals promised long ago to all who call themselves Americans. We are able to enjoy the way of life we defend, as well as the pride that comes by doing it, as United States Marines.


The things that matter most must be fought for: true purpose that comes from knowing you’re part of something bigger than yourself and a sense of belonging that’s only found among those who share in a common moral cause. Not everyone belongs in our ranks, but those who do–belong.


As Marines, we succeed or fail based on our ability to be accountable to those we fight alongside. This dedication to those on our left and right is something that never leaves us and is revealed in the ways we continue to serve our communities long after wearing the uniform. Marines don’t just return to these communities; we’re ready to fight for them, just as purposefully as we did on battlefields abroad. There truly is no such thing as a former Marine, as after service our Marine Veterans are just as dedicated to advancing our Nation and defending its ideals. If you become one of us, the fight in you will always be a part of our Nation’s moral cause.


The Marine Corps Alumni Association extends into every community and every industry. Once you have completed your honorable service, the Marine Corps has a program called “Marine for Life” that will assist you with your transition back to the civilian community by using the network of former Marines. As a Marine Veteran, you will be able to call on the traits you gained while serving our Nation to continue serving others.


Marines fight with purpose in the Corps, and after their military service is complete, our Marine Veterans find new ways to apply that same sense of purpose towards bettering their communities. Trained to be victorious on all fronts, Marines are uniquely capable of fighting for these communities so that they too can overcome the challenges they face.

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Contact a Recruiter

Gain direct access to a Marine Recruiter who has fought alongside Marines and is prepared to show you how to become one.


One doesn't consider an endeavor of this magnitude without having questions. Here are some of the most common.



While the battlefields have changed since active duty, the commitment of our Marine Veterans has not. Empowering communities, leading our Nation forward, and advocating on behalf of the Marine Corps, our Marine Veterans continue to find ways to show they are still “Always Faithful.”

Health Benefits
The Marine Corps provides health insurance and other benefits to Marines during their time of service and beyond. Health benefits offered to enlisted Marines keep them battle ready at all times.
Life on Base
The bond built between Marines starts in the barracks and extends to the battle field. Learn more about life on base in the Marine Corps.