There are substantial benefits that come with fighting in our ranks, putting your willingness and determination up against our Nation’s obstacles and adversaries. And though things like salary, medical, education, and housing are included on that list to ensure our fighting force is the most capable in the world, they hardly compare to the most meaningful benefits Marines experience. Marines wake each day knowing they have a collective purpose to fight for, like-minded warriors to fight with, and a noble place in our Nation’s fight to proudly claim. Any Marine will tell you that this is the greatest benefit you can ever earn.






Purpose and Belonging

A sense of belonging in a collective purpose for a common moral cause is not something easy to describe. It's even harder to attain. But for those who prove they have the willingness and determination to fight and win on our Nation's behalf, it can be earned—as a United States Marine.

Education Benefits

Education is more than instruction, training, or advanced schooling in the Marine Corps. It is a mentality to become an even more capable Marine today than yesterday, to continue developing our minds into weapons that can win for our Nation on current and future battlefields.

Health Benefits

To maintain the vitality of our Nation, the Marine Corps delivers world-class healthcare coverage and health insurance to its Marines and their families, ensuring our fighting forces are fighting fit.

Salary and Compensation

The Marine Corps takes care of its own, ensuring Marines have the financial security at home to focus on the battles they fight and win for our Nation.