Specialized Training

In specialized training, each officer develops expertise in a Military Occupational Specialty. This training takes place
following your completion of The Basic School, and will prepare you for your role leading a platoon of Marines on your
next assignment. This map of specialized training locations does not include every school available to Marine Officers.

Ground Schools

Ground Schools

Ground Military Occupational Specialty schools cover a wide variety of roles, including Infantry Officers, Combat Engineers and Intelligence Officers. If you are assigned a Ground MOS, you will train at an MOS school to develop your particular expertise.

Programs last from 6 weeks to 24 months, depending on the level of technical proficiency. Most officers report to a designated Marine Corps MOS school, though some, such as Military Police Officers, attend a specialized school with their counterparts in other military branches.

In the Marine Corps, Ground MOS schools cover roles such as Infantry Officers, Combat Engineers, Intelligence Officers, and Military Police Officers.

Ground MOS Schools include, but are not limited to:

Infantry Officers Course

Training for infantry, ground intelligence and light armor roles

Combat Service Support School

Camp Johnson
Training for personnel administration, logistics, financial management and supply roles

Communications-Electronics School

29 Palms
Training for aviation command and control roles