As a Marine, Onur Yenigun fought for his Nation. Now as an ER doctor, he fights a new kind of battle: COVID-19.



Every Marine's life tells the story of service. Learn how one ER doctor used his experience in the Marine Corps to help fight for progress on the front lines of COVID-19.

“Every day does feel like a battle. Every day, you’re always fighting, you’re always against something, you’re always battling death and disease and it’s not easy. And that fighting spirit, that willingness to dig in and stand up and say, ‘I’m going to make it through,' that is huge, and that really does help me get through the day—every day.”

- Onur Yenigun

Many of those with the desire to serve early in life turn to the Marine Corps to become part of a common moral cause bigger than themselves. And after their Marine service, they continue to look for ways to continue serving in their communities. For four years as an active-duty Marine, Dr. Yenigun fought for his country as an 0341 Mortarman. Now he finds himself on a new battlefield fighting a different battle: COVID-19.

“There are moments where we have seconds to make lifesaving decisions, and I feel like that's something I've been well prepared for and I’m able to do confidently,” Dr. Yenigun said.

From an early age, Dr Yenigun has heard the calling to serve others, to make an impact extending well beyond his own personal circle. He credits the Marine Corps for emboldening this sense of purpose, for sharpening his character, confidence, and skillsets to be able to step up and fight for our Nation’s people and its ideals in a many different ways. Today the Marine Corps is proud of the work Dr Yenigun is doing, still part of our Nation's fight, but now just in a different uniform.

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