The mindset of a Marine sets our Nation’s elite fighting force apart. Marines share an uncommon willingness to fight and an unfaltering focus on winning. This mindset keeps the promise in our mandate: To be the force that is most ready when the Nation is least ready.  

Marines are prepared for anything by training for everything. They overcome every obstacle with a fighting spirit that propels them forward. Marines are set apart by their willingness to defeat opposing forces and sheer determination, which begins with the grueling training every Marine must undergo. 

Driven by the innate desire to answer our Nation's call, an unwavering commitment to emerge victorious, and a collective purpose that defines our unbreakable bond, Marines win the battles in front of them with the inner fight running through them. 


Marines represent the best of our Nation. In the incertitude of battle, character matters. Every Marine fights with our Nation's expectation to represent it well at home and abroad. The values instilled not only direct every action, but unite every Marine, holding all Marines to the same high standard. 

Marines work hard every day to become the best version of themselves and represent the strongest, most determined and diverse group of individuals working towards a common goal. Marines, America’s Elite Warriors, successfully fight and win our Nation’s battles by adapting and rising to any challenge faced. 


The mindset of a Marine is defined by an uncommon willingness to fight and an unfaltering focus on victory. Through this mindset, Marines are prepared for anything by training for everything and ready to overcome every obstacle in front of them, with a fighting spirit that propels them. This is what makes a Marine and ensures that our Marines are most ready when the Nation is least ready.  

To defeat ever-evolving threats, our Nation requires adaptable Marines. No matter the threat, Marines adapt to win. 



Marines are unified by a common set of characteristics and purpose. Lifelong friendships, bonds, and professional connections are part of the Marine experience. The Marine Corps upholds a commitment to fighting for democracy and human rights, both at home and abroad. Each Marine stands as a vital part of a united force, greater than any individual, more fulfilled than ever before. Side by side, Marines welcome obstacles and thrive on challenge.  

Marines fight for a collective purpose. To defeat the unpredictable threats that our Nation faces, you must be able to adapt. Marines train tirelessly both mentally and physically to be able to overcome any scenario. Be it land, air, sea, or an evolving digital landscape, in the battles for America’s future, there is only one constant: Marines who will win them. The battle to belong begins here. 




The battles Marines have fought and continue to win are legendary, but ours is a legacy that is earned not only on conventional battlefields and not only by Marines in uniform. Active-duty Marines and Marine Veterans are constantly looking for ways to answer the calling they hear deep within, to step up for their country and communities—when needed most.

These are just some of the stories our Nation counts as victories. 

“There are many ways you can contribute to your Nation. I wanted to join an organization that would build me up. I knew what the Marines were about from my time over there. So, I chose to be a Marine.” - Second Lieutenant Captain Ahmed Khalil 


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Marine Corps Purpose

Our purpose is to fight and win every battle that helps the Corps protect our Nation's interests and advance its ideals.

Why The Marine Corps?

To become a Marine is to live a life of purpose and find a sense of belonging with those who share your fighting spirit and commitment to our Nation’s common cause.


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