Worldwide Impact

When Marines land—the world changes

FOND VERETTE Haiti, May 2004

"The people were very happy with the aid that you've provided. Before, there was no water to drink."

Emanuel Ilan, local resident

LJUBOVISTA, Kosovo, October 2002

"I just want to say thanks to the U.S. Marines for everything they have done for my village. As a KPS officer I just want to let everyone know how very grateful we are."

Kosovo Police Service Sergeant Sefia Allum, through his translator

KAMPOT PROVINCE, Kingdom of Cambodia, June 2011

"I was happy to stand in line because I got to see American doctors before they left our village and receive some medicine for my son." 

Hua Hon, a Cambodian citizen

CAMP EDSON, Iraq, May 2003

"The people were excited and happy to see what the Marines did.  They can't wait to tell the people in Ad Diwaniyah—they will be very appreciative."

Mahir Shaouna, an Iraqi translator

CONSTANTA, Romania, September 2011

"We are grateful that Marines have helped us build this helipad."

Dr. Dan Capatina, local hospital's general director

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan, December 2009

"We want to help you. We need to talk to you. It is good."

Local village elder in Afghanistan


Marines travel light but take control when they arrive, able to conduct operations in any type of conflict or region. Through service to our nation, Marines make the entire world a safer, better place.

Marines Corp World Aid

MUSA QAL'EH, Afghanistan

"Working with the Marines, we have shaken the people awake with our great deeds and made the people aware of Musa Qal'eh's potential to be a productive and prosperous district."

Naimatullah Sameen, Musa Qal'eh District Governor

Marines Corp Worldwide Aid

SANGIN, Afghanistan, July 2011

"Back then I was thinking everyone would shoot at me. Now, though, security is better. The enemy is no longer right outside us, and we can go to many places in the district."

Mohammed Sharif, Governor of Sangin District

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan, December 2009

"It is good news for us. The female Marines came and talked to the women and found out their problems. I am very happy."

Sgt. Shokorunnah, Afghan soldier

LAKI, Afghanistan

"We are happy about this. There was 20 to 30 years of conflict in this area. We are happy you are here."

Local elder